A downloadable game for Windows

A platforming game with no platforming! More info here.

to do list:

  • more testing i guess

new features:

20150731 -1645

  • added music!!
20150731 -1032
  • slightly clearer indicators for crushers, in some places
  • health kits now only display the arrow on <100hp
  • bug fixes
20150731 - 0118
  • soundFX!


  • there are no bugs only cats
  • returning to the main menu resets the screen size. whatever.
  • game music does not play if you let the main menu theme finish

fixed-ish buges:

20150731 - 1645

  • no new bug fixes

20150731 - 1032

  • no sfx when picking up health kits (resolved)
  • ice noises aren't happening in the overworld (resolved)
  • Level 2-6 records high scores to 2-7 instead (resolved - thanks Everdraed!)
  • Level 2-7 records high scores to 2-4 instead (resolved)
  • World 3-X label always shows as locked (resolved - thanks Everdraed!)
  • Door to Level 1-7 shows as locked after reaching World 3 (resolved - thanks Everdraed!)

20150831 - 0118

  • quit button doesn't work proper (resolved)
  • may be issues with jumping between levels? shouldn't be a problem in runtime but happens in editor (resolved)
  • moving obstacles occasionally let you phase through them (like, 50% fixed or so)
  • crusher objects sometimes jut out a little bit and you can run into them when they're "sheathed", or they are very sharp idk (pretty sure this is fixed)

More information

Published276 days ago
StatusOn hold
Player countSingleplayer


ZERO GRAB-KiTTY 20150801 0836.exe (40 MB)