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PLAGAS O PLOMOS - Load your revolver and shoot down some bugs in a procedurally generated western world.

Created as an entry for the CGA Jam 2017

- WASD - Move
- Space - Tap to jump, hold to fly
- Mouse - Aim and shoot

- F8 and F9 - Adjust screen size (windowed mode)
- F11 - Enable & disable fullscreen
- F12 - Enable & disable CRT filter

Completion stats
- Jam Length - 2 weeks (1 Jun - 15 Jun 2017)
- Development Length - ~2 weeks

SFX Content packs used - sound FX were made with a combination of synthesised sounds from BXFR and various audio SFX packs. All SFX have been composited from or modified from their original sources;

Music all instruments in the game's soundtrack are from The Ultimate Megadrive Soundtrack (sampled from YM2612 sound chip)

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


Plagas O Plomos.exe 15 MB