A downloadable game for Windows

Join the b00tl3g kr3w and pirate your way through bootleg console roms!

Created as an entry for the Awful Summer Jam 2017 for the theme "bootleg" and winner of the "Best Style" category

Controls - IRC
A-Z -  Type a message
Enter -  Send message
Backspace - Delete/rewrite message
Mouse - Navigate menus and apps, drag and drop etc

Controls - ROM Files
Arrow Keys -  Move
Space -  Jump/Bump/Fire 
Z/X - Special Fire 1 / Special Fire 2

- F8 and F9 - Adjust screen size (windowed mode)
- F11 - Enable & disable fullscreen

Completion stats
- Jam Length - ~4 weeks (7 July - 31 July2017) -
Development Length - ~14 days

SFX Content packs used - All SFX have been composited from or modified from their original sources;

Music created in Garageband. "Chetyres" ROM uses a remixed version of Polyushko-polye (По́люшко-по́ле). "The Saga of Griselda" uses are poorly constructed Markov-generated melody based off the original "Legend of Zelda (NES)" score.

More information

Published Aug 02, 2017
Tags90s, bootleg, Comedy, crack, irc, mirc, nineties, nostalgia, windows-95, windows-98
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


b00tl3g_kr3w.exe 34 MB