A downloadable game for Windows

Explore the spooky castle of ARSEHOLEVANIA as the whip-flailing and, for some reason, skateboarding hero Simon Belhawk!

Created as an entry for the Awful Summer Jam 2018 for the theme "Unnecessary Sequels", which means the game contains:

  • Zero actual mechanical improvements over the original. Mostly it's just worse.
  • A physics-enabled whip. Does this help the gameplay in any way? No. But is it cool? Also no.
  • A skateboarding protagonist. It's the 90s and adding a skateboard is the easiest way to make things more extreme (I didn't want to make an animated walk cycle and needed an in-universe reason for the finicky platforming).

Note: I've never actually *played* any Castlevania games, though I have watched a stream of one for maybe 30 minutes, so any real knowledge I have of the game is probably through social osmosis.

Controls (Keyboard or Gamepad supported)
Arrow Keys / DPAD / Left Stick - Move
Space / Button 1 - Jump
Down Arrow - Crouch or collect pickup
Shift / Button 3 - Use whip
Enter Button 2 - Re-summon whip (it will get caught on things!)
Control / Button 4 - Use secondary weapon

- F8 and F9 - Adjust screen size (windowed mode)
- F11 - Toggle fullscreen

Re-summon your whip if it gets stuck on on platforms (it will get stuck). Your whip will re-summon automatically if it stretches too far.
- Holy water is most effective against bosses or stationary enemies
- Keep an eye out for keys to unlock doors! Keys are also dropped by bosses

Completion stats
- Jam Length - 25 days (6 July - 31 July 2018)
- Development Length - ~7 days and 1 night

SFX Content packs used - All SFX have been composited from or modified from their original sources;

Music created in Logic Pro.